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Buzzacott Chartered Accountants

A company magazine, worthy of display

Services delivered:

  • Print design
  • Magazines
Key Takeaway:

Being brave and creating something different to the norm in your industry can help you stand out from the competition. It may also help your customers and clients see you in a different light. Many of the briefs we receive have competitor research, which of course is a good thing. But sometimes this can make you blinkered, probably subconsciously, to what is the best solution for your job, at this moment in time, to connect with your clients in the way you want to. You may find to express your values and style you have to take inspiration from unrelated sectors that have the customer connection you strive for. Don’t always produce what you feel comfortable doing, especially if you want to inspire an innovative reaction.

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They needed…
Buzzacott Chartered Accountants wanted to design a new company brochure, that had more of a magazine feel to it, to reflect their style and client relationships. The brief included creating templates for regular sections, but with a strong creative approach that made each spread feel customised and individual.

We delivered…
A company magazine, available at reception of HQ, but fit for the shelves of WHSmith. We started by creating lots of different concepts, focussing on different content types, and this freedom allowed us to create a strong style without layout restraints. We then approached each spread separately, which enabled us to create a bespoke feel throughout.

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