City University Belong Campaign Posters

City University

Campaign to persuade students to stay for postgraduate studies

Services delivered:

  • Marketing
  • Campaign language
  • Campaign design
  • Advertising
Key Takeaway:

As the consumer is bombarded with marketing every day, from social feeds and emails to signage, billboards and advertising, it has become harder and harder to say something different to get your brand heard. One way is to try and take your product or service and humanise it by focussing on the needs, goals and ambitions of your audience, talking about how your brand helps, fits in and becomes part of their life. If your marketing has personality and tries to build a relationship with the consumer, you will jump ahead of the competition, which is still shouting about how wonderful it is.

City University Belong Campaign Banners

They needed…
A marketing campaign that would encourage existing students to stay on at City University for their postgraduate degrees. Studies had shown that a high percentage of students move on to other universities.

We created…
A campaign language. It was about understanding the students’ mindset and having a conversation with them. As the students had already studied at City University, we wanted to remind them of why they chose it in the first place. We focused on a ‘belonging’ theme. There was an overarching phrase ‘City: it’s where you belong’ which was developed further to have marketing titles such as ‘City is where ambition lives’ and ‘City is where potential lives’, amongst others.

The advertising campaign was designed to reach across a range of different channels and be effective for all mediums including social media. With a bold and engaging style used for both print and digital communications, the final campaign was eye-catching and engaging.

City University Belong Campaign Social Media
City University Campaign Language Overview
City University Campaign Language Detail
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