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Increasing awareness of staff training days

Services delivered:

  • Internal comms
  • Staff Communications
Key Takeaway:

Using real pictures of staff can make your internal communications campaign more believable and trusted. If you can add in messages of support from staff then even better. People really do buy from people and now more than ever they look for social proof, or their social circle (in this instance colleagues) for assurance, guidance or the confidence to say “Yes I will give that a try or support that”. Great campaigns can be created with image libraries, but for internal communications, friends and colleagues will always resonate more.

Defra Campaign Staff Quote

They needed…
To appeal to 10,000 staff. DEFRA offers all staff five days of training in an area of their own choosing every year as a part of its commitment to personal development. However, awareness and uptake were low. They needed a campaign to raise this awareness and inspire people to make the most of their entitlement.

We created...
A bold awareness campaign using DEFRA’s own people. We told some of their stories in their own words. It allowed them to share with colleagues some of the great things they had been able to achieve through the scheme. We basically gave them the chance to show off! The campaign was brought together under the banner of ‘Are you getting your five a year?’

Having so many staff across numerous locations posed a challenge. DEFRA needed to be sure that the message reached everyone. So we created posters that could be used in breakout areas in all offices; roll-ups to be used at events and some online banners for the intranet to present the message direct to each employee.

Plus, what’s the one channel all staff look at in detail? Their wage receipt. So we created a series of postcards to go out with these every month as a gentle reminder to sign up to the scheme.

The end result? Campaign recall was high amongst staff. In the first month of the campaign, the average number of staff accessing learning rose from 138 to 728: an increase of over 420%.

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