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Golf Kingdom

Website build to cross-sell a complex brand offer

Services delivered:

  • Websites & Digital
  • Website research
  • Website planning
  • Website design
  • Website build
  • User experience
  • Marketing
  • Photography
Key Takeaway:

A website is much more about answering the needs, questions and enquiries of your customers than explaining the business as you the owner understands it, which tends to be the natural approach of many websites. Planning is critical and looking at the user experience upfront is important, not just later at the design stage, but in planning the structure and pages. If you can, speaking to customers about how they interact with you online, what they expect, and perhaps their views on competitor sites and similar sectors, can really give great insight.

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They needed…
A modern, engaging website to promote a full leisure experience. Golf Kingdom has an interesting mix of activities available, from crazy golf up to an ultra-high spec 18 hole exclusive golf course. They also have options such as football golf and fun golf which most of the public don’t know exists anywhere, let alone on their doorstep, all under one roof. So, they needed a website that was great at awareness building, engaging and cross-selling services, and targeted to different audiences.

We delivered…
After lots of research we built a website that cross-sells services and is a bold expression of the Golf Kingdom brand. Our main strategy was to sell the facilities visually, as that’s the only way you can really see and understand the whole offer. We started with wireframes which enabled us to really look at the user experience and involve our client in the detail of page structure without being too complex. We created several design options, in particular looking at competitor sites to ensure the site showcased this unique experience. The final build is easy to update and manage, enabling the client to make the site an integral part of their digital marketing strategy.

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