Golf Kingdom Main Led Screen Plus Moby

Golf Kingdom

Advertising campaigns for on-site digital screens

Services delivered:

  • Websites & Digital
  • Digital Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Campaign language
  • Campaign design
  • Photography
Key Takeaway:

Plasma and LED screen advertising is now an affordable way to market to your existing customers. Whether you are a leisure centre open to the public with constant customers walking by, or a business with a busy reception area of clients waiting for meetings, in our digital age, screens catch the eye more than static posters or billboards. Using commercial digital screen advertising is expensive, so owning your own screens is a great opportunity. Better than printed marketing, you can change this daily or even hourly. You can run campaigns and change them every few weeks, which ensures your marketing is current and always fresh and interesting.

Golf Kingdom Main Led Screen

They needed…
Internal and external digital screen advertising. Golf Kingdom is a growing leisure complex, and for some of the target audience they are still at recognition stage which means increasing awareness of the leisure options is paramount. For some services such as football golf or fun golf these don’t have mainstream public awareness that the game exists, let alone exists at this location. Golf Kingdom also offers a range of options for visitors and different audiences, from a family enjoying crazy golf to a dedicated serious golfer playing the Masters course, and lots more in between. After investing in three internal screens for the bar area and one large external LED screen, they needed a plan to best make use of these channels.

We designed…
A launch advertising campaign and plans for features such as the World Cup and summer holidays. We started with a client meeting to look at priority areas that needed better exposure. Some of these needed a progressive message to convey the full opportunity, so we created a storyboard and tested the best amount of text and graphics per slide based on consumer interaction. We then looked at transition speeds and experimented with different user experiences by showing all screens the same compared to different messages. Since launch we have completed user testing and, based on feedback, there is now a clear formula for screen style, content and display options.

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Golf Kingdom Led Screens Interior
Golf Kingdom Interior Screen Adverts
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