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Services delivered:

  • Branding
  • Logo design
  • Rebranding
  • Brand guidelines
  • Visual brand strategy
  • Brand architecture
Key Takeaway:

Some brands have complex architecture and, within the day-to-day battle to keep on top of brand delivery, taking the time to step back and see a bigger picture can be difficult. To help Havering College control and manage its marketing, we separated campaign branding from the main ‘corporate’ branding. If you have different sub-brands and need to incorporate external brands as well, separating the sub-brand needs from your main guidance makes defining when to use which brand approach so much easier. Every brand is under pressure to react to marketing needs quickly, so you want the strategy to be as clear as possible.

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They needed…
A brand overhaul. Havering College is in a competitive market, and having used our campaign for the last three years it was time to refresh their marketing and brand style. They wanted to keep the core “I want to” message, as this has been extremely successful with students, but update the visual style. Within early discussions it was clear that some work was also required to redefine the main college identity as this had started to become fragmented and used inconsistently. The College had one further big challenge, and that was a need to incorporate more external partner brands in key areas of education such as online courses, apprenticeships and a Career College accreditation.

We delivered…
New Brand Guidelines. But that sounds a lot simpler than the reality. We started by splitting their main marketing needs (corporate) from campaign branding. This was really important enabling us to create a strategy of when to apply what brand and style very clearly. Focussing on the main college brand we audited their current communications and then developed a new flexible identity system. We then evolved the “I want to” brand positioning with a fresh and engaging visual style, before working through each sub brand and external partner requirement. Some key strategies include focussing on their typography and expanding their font options; designing templates for most common marketing needs such as HR advertising; and designing Microsoft templates as many internal staff use these to promote their faculty.

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