Havering College Career Show Bus Stop

Havering College

Careers and Ideas Show visual display theme

Services delivered:

  • Display & Events
  • Event graphics
  • Large format design
  • Portable stands
Key Takeaway:

Having an event brand strategy not only helps with marketing, but also creates a better onsite experience and will save time and money. It is obvious that the marketing of an event needs creativity to resonate and consistency to engage. But a brand strategy will also make the event feel more exciting and help your brand connect with the visitors at every touch point. Depending on the size of the event, a clear strategy will make producing marketing so much quicker, and if a last minute opportunity comes up you will be ready to take advantage.

Havering College Careers Theme 3Dd

They needed…
A standalone identity that could also work alongside the National Careers Show branding. Havering College was looking for something with real impact to help it stand out. The solution needed to be flexible enough to work across buildings, wayfinding, signage and advertising. The college wanted to create a great visual impact for students visiting the campus.

We created…
A brand marque and structure for the show. We then put together some templates, allowing the in-house marketing team to create on-brand materials for themselves, helping them keep costs down. We researched ways in which both the interiors and exteriors of the buildings could be branded to give the whole day energy and excitement.

Havering College Careers Tube 5Dd
Havering College Careers Stage 2Dd
Havering College Careers Leaflet 4Dd
Havering College Careers Students 6Dd
Havering College Careers Bag 7Dd
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