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Havering College

Localised apprenticeship marketing with a national link

Services delivered:

  • Marketing
  • Campaign language
  • Campaign design
  • Advertising
Key Takeaway:

With clever design you can use online image libraries to source pictures and still make them look believable and part of your brand. Not many companies have the luxury of controlling their own library of pictures, so looking online is the natural option. However, sometimes these can look very false, but the key is to research hard and find more natural options (they are available but need some digging to find) and then look to stylize them in a way that makes them look less staged. If you have some of your own pictures and want to top them up with a few extras, think about how you can match the style or again, add a treatment to make them all look the same.

Havering College Apprenticeship Folder

They needed…
A marketing style that combined the internal student service ‘HUB’ with the National Apprenticeship Service branding. The HUB is the College resource to advise students about career opportunities and guidance. But with the dramatic increase in apprenticeship enquiries, the College needed a way to show it was linked to the national scheme but also offered its own route and access.

We created…
A range of marketing that was adaptable with combined branding. This project was tight on both budget and time frame, so we researched online image libraries, as the College didn’t have many pictures. We then needed to create a style that could take their images and make them look like a collection. We also looked at campaign language and tested headlines for posters and leaflets with the students before the final option was selected. We produced a range of marketing that was adaptable and created to work with the National Apprenticeship Service brand.

Havering College Apprenticeship Leaflets
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