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Havering Council

Inward Investment brochure to showcase town centre

Services delivered:

  • Print design
  • Brochures
  • Marketing
  • Photography
Key Takeaway:

Digital printing has revolutionised the use of print in marketing, but when it first started, the sheet size available meant we had limited options. Pretty much an A4 vertical brochure was the stock solution. But now we have lots of choice as the sheet size is so much bigger and therefore our print options greater. If your next print piece looks better in landscape, no problem. If you want something really different and bold, a 300mm x 300mm square is possible. So don’t be limited by technology, be expressive with creative ideas in print.

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They needed…
A brochure that would inspire building developers and architects to consider Romford as an ideal place for future investment. Havering Council wanted the brochure to retain a prestigious quality throughout and reflect the possibility of developing many areas in Romford. It also needed to reflect the different sectors such as leisure, retail and the business quarter, so the style had to portray a very positive image of Romford without being too corporate.

We delivered…
A design style that would engage and connect with the building industry. Inspired by architects’ drawings we designed a theme around angled lines that would give a basis for all creativity and that would look dynamic to reflect construction and the exciting opportunity. During this project Acumen Design had to scout several locations around Romford before commissioning a photographer to produce a library of photos that could be used for this brochure and other work in the future.

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