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Havering Council

Redeveloped website targeted to different audiences

Services delivered:

  • Websites & Digital
  • Website research
  • Website planning
  • Website design
  • Website build
  • Advanced wireframes
  • User experience
Key Takeaway:

If different parts of your business have totally different audiences, creating one website which has a shared area, and then focused areas for each business division, is the way forward. This enables you to create a bespoke experience for each audience in many ways – you may need a different language, different sections and a different visual style – all of which will make each visitor feel more comfortable and that you are talking to them more personally. But the overall plan of the site still shows the group structure, as there may be some power in knowing how everything links together.

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They needed…
A revamped website that marketed primary and secondary catering services and embraced their new sub-branding for each option. Havering Catering Services had invested in distinct branding for its primary and secondary offer, which included a whole virtual world for the youngest kids with an app and fun games. Then for the older age range, a more sophisticated café style, understanding their changing lunchtime needs at secondary school. So the new website had to deliver the right information and experience for each audience.

We created…
A fun and engaging web experience for everyone, whether a parent or school manager, or a school child aged 5 or 16. An in-depth meeting with the Catering team kicked things off; building the picture of the services, how they relate, what is unique, and the main reasons people visit their site. We then designed advanced wireframe plans that allowed the Catering team to not only see the pages required, but the menu experience, expected page content, options for cross-selling and the complete structure. Making tweaks at planning stage is easier and a better strategy than making sweeping changes while building a site.

The design stage was about making effective use of the new branding in a digital space. We then pulled everything together and built the new website using WordPress as our client was used to this content management system. The final website has three distinct areas creating the best experience for each visitor type.

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