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Showcasing London to the world

Services delivered:

  • Print design
  • Marketing
  • Campaign language
  • Campaign design
  • Direct Mail
Key Takeaway:

Printing and direct marketing has now become the best medium to stand out as being different and eye-catching. That is especially true if your target audience is ‘C’ level execs, directors, partners or business owners who are either bombarded with emails and ignore anything not work related, or their emails are answered by gatekeepers. Receiving something printed is now so rare it has a surprise factor, and a perceived value. So it is unlikely to be thrown away with the same disregard as a ‘spam’ email.

Lp Event London Brochure Pages

They needed…
A campaign to promote London to event organisers around the world. Something to capture the imagination and highlight the diversity of our capital city and its many iconic venues. They also needed a campaign to promote inward investment in London. Something clever and memorable to influence the decision makers around the world who might be considering setting up offices in the city.

We created…
A strategy to target the audiences London & Partners needed to reach. Building on an existing identity for Imagine London, we developed a campaign language around ‘Imagine...’ This allowed us to create numerous aspirational messages. Imagine the possibilities...

For the event organisers, we used a three-part campaign that showed off the diversity of London venues. From historic castles to world class sporting venues and everything in between, we created a brochure; a unique London Underground map and a bespoke box of cards containing venues, facts and key contacts as a handy resource for people to keep.

For the high-level executives considering London as a potential location to expand their business, we again used a three-pronged approach. However, instead of venues, we promoted the many investment opportunities London has to offer. The amazing travel links, universities, science hubs and creative industries to name but a few. We developed infographics to package up all the information in an eye-catching and memorable way.

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