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MHA MacIntyre Hudson

A visual brand strategy for growth

Services delivered:

  • Branding
  • Visual brand strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand values
  • Tone of Voice
Key Takeaway:

Whether creating a brand as you start out, or rebranding as your business grows, the process of developing an effective brand style and strategy can not be as simple as using your website home page or any other individual piece of marketing. In the past we have been asked to design a brochure cover and then turn that in to full brand guidelines, but this is way too limiting. A new brand identity, style and strategy needs careful planning and consideration, and it is important to work on that independent of your specific marketing needs. Most brands will use both online and offline marketing, so your brand has to be adaptable, creative and have the potential to grow with you. A home page web design or brochure cover can’t do all that.

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They needed…
MacIntyre Hudson had grown and evolved but their old brand identity had not moved with them. Initially we were asked to evolve the company’s visual style as part of redeveloping their website, but through working with the marketing team we demonstrated how they needed a new visual brand strategy that worked across all channels, not just digital.

We started with a small communications audit so we could establish all the channels and mediums the new visual brand needed to work across. We then demonstrated how a more streamlined approach would work better, stripping out superfluous marketing items that were never used.

We delivered…
New brand guidelines. While mainly focussing on the visual brand strategy, we had to evolve the full brand guidelines to ensure everything worked together. We developed their existing logo icon to become the central focus of the new strategy and then created different ways for the icon to be used, delivering much greater creativity. This new look was also easier to implement internally as some of their marketing was produced in-house.

Another key part of the new style was the use of imagery and photographs. Working with the core graphic and the brand colour palette, we created clear photography guidelines which delivered an added level of subtle creative options. Once the visual brand strategy was in place, we then created templates for their main marketing needs including a corporate brochure, information sheets, emails and advertising.

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