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Miraj Stories

A brand built on values and positioning

Services delivered:

  • Branding
  • Logo design
  • Rebranding
  • Brand guidelines
  • Visual brand strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand values
  • Tone of Voice
Key Takeaway:

Never underestimate the importance of core brand elements such as a colour palette and fonts in ensuring your brand has the right personality and character. For some brands these fundamentals are covered, but only as a tick box for control. But both colour and typography are powerful brand expressions. This case study has a second major learning point: that defining subtle detail within photography guidance makes sourcing images and commissioning photographers so much easier. For a very visual brand that produces lots of marketing, getting on top of all this early saves money and time, while delivering a stronger identity.

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They needed…
Miraj Stories already had a well-crafted logo marque, but needed advice and guidance on turning that in to a brand that could be used to create powerful marketing across different channels. Their core service is an app full of beautiful illustrations and graphics, so they already had lots of great content. They had already started some basic marketing and built a website, but as the company started to take off they knew they were going to need brand guidelines to deliver consistency combined with creativity. They also needed positioning, defining their place in the mix. Not vastly experienced in branding, the team at Miraj Stories needed an agency that could help, advise and become brand guardians for them.

We delivered…
Positioning and brand guidelines. One of the challenges of this project was the need to produce marketing for imminent events and requirements while at the same time working through a brand strategy. We started the positioning by designing a set of questions and speaking to some existing users and supporters. We then used that insight to define brand values and a strong positioning statement. Moving to brand guidelines, we developed core fundamentals, but explained to our client that we wanted to solve some real life marketing challenges so that the detail of the guidelines was borne from reality as opposed to just theory. We designed some event roll-ups, stationery, a PDF flyer and some digital adverts, and then refined the full brand guidelines using that experience.

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