Royal Navy Brandbook Open B1

Naval Service Sports Charity

A powerful brand that has ‘punch’

Services delivered:

  • Branding
  • Logo design
  • Brand guidelines
  • Visual brand strategy
  • Display & Events
  • Portable stands
Key Takeaway:

A logo or brand identity has to have the right character and personality. That may sound obvious, but sometimes a logo shouts the company name but does not offer any more. It does not give the audience any insight in to what kind of company and brand it is. Not every logo has to have a graphic; type-only logos can still be full of style and personality. Sometimes a graphic marque can help give that something extra and inspire a visual brand strategy to be used across all marketing. The key is to see a logo as not just a way of saying your name, but an opportunity to connect and engage.

Royal Navy Logo Rugby Shirt

They needed…
A new identity. We were very proud to be asked to work with the Naval Service Sports Charity (NSSC) and design a new identity that would work with other naval brands, especially interacting with the main Royal Navy brand. They also wanted some basic brand guidelines for delivering the brand and marketing to help internal requirements to be solved quickly while still being consistent. These had to be creative enough to produce professional marketing that could compete at events with other strong brands.

We delivered…
A powerful brand. It was important to get the right balance between the fun side of sports and the serious backdrop to their day jobs in the Royal Navy. We also consulted with the client to create a brand marque that realigned them with their affiliated brands. This was a key part of the brief as there are already many sub-brands within the Royal Navy. We designed brand guidelines that included a simple visual strategy that could be used across different marketing challenges. We then designed stationery, display graphics and a PowerPoint template so they had tools ready for their immediate marketing needs.

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