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Staff incentive campaigns to unite the whole team

Services delivered:

  • Internal comms
  • Incentive campaigns
  • Staff Communications
Key Takeaway:

For an internal communications campaign it is more important than ever to really understand the mindset of your audience and adapt your approach to different sections of the workforce. While they may have some shared company connection (perhaps core values), different working situations and roles can create totally different mindsets. For staff incentive schemes this is critical as for example what persuades and influences someone in sales will be different to customer service.

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They needed...
To reinvigorate existing incentive campaigns for both field sales staff and sales support staff. Neopost had been running schemes for the last few years, rewarding the winners with an amazing trip as a prize. The schemes were set up to motivate staff and encourage them to live up to the values of the business. They needed a way to motivate all staff to get involved. That’s where we came in with a fresh approach.

We created...
Two new brands and innovative marketing channels. Two target audiences and different challenges required two different approaches.

It can be hard for sales staff with less quantitative targets to stay focussed and motivated throughout the year. For them, we created an aspirational brand, ‘NeoStars – Experience the Moment’. It aligns with Neopost’s business values and encourages the team to think about those everyday moments that can make a real difference, whether that is dealing with customers or colleagues. The versatility of the strapline means that it can encapsulate both the business-related messages and those of how it would feel to win the trip.

‘Pacesetters’ is the incentive scheme run for field and remote sales staff. It needed re-energising to find a hook to motivate staff and avoid complacency setting in throughout the year. And so, ‘Destination You’ was born. It’s a clever way of connecting the choices staff make today to the possibilities of tomorrow. It places the emphasis strongly on the individual and the end reward.

We produced a campaign language for each part and then a range of marketing to make sure staff would see and engage with the messages. For NeoSstars this included adding in a new part to the process giving the staff the ability to vote for the final celebration destination.

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