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Campaign to focus on staff performance

Services delivered:

  • Internal comms
  • Incentive campaigns
  • Staff Communications
Key Takeaway:

Adding fun to any staff incentive campaign will create more buy-in, especially if it is a year-long process with monthly options along the way. Having a fun element can also add excitement and get staff talking about it, especially if you have internal social channels. When it comes to staff reviews and targets these are often seen as corporate and cold; so injecting some fun can humanise the campaign. You can still build-in the marketing values and KPIs, etc., but just wrap them up with a bit of fun and excitement so staff don’t glaze over the message.

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They needed...
A campaign to launch this year’s staff review targets. At each year’s staff conference, the final presentation runs through expectations for the next year, and areas they want staff to focus on. They had started to become very similar and needed a new lease of life. The company was going through a lot of change with some big challenges ahead so the core message was strong and very important. It was critical that staff embraced the challenges and did not dismiss the messaging.

We created...
A fun campaign to engage staff and add a buzz to the floor. We worked closely with the Neopost team, looking at the messages that needed to be conveyed to staff, and then developed the PEAK acronym for Profit, Effort, Attitude and Knowledge. We then developed a campaign that would create better staff involvement each month, and wider opportunities for daily and weekly commendations across all staff levels based on the PEAK framework. Taking the mountaineering theme, we developed a back wall for staff photos together with their climbing helmets. Each month four people were nominated for something they had achieved and a monthly digest was created. This built up over 12 months to then become a yearbook full of funny faces, all happy to be part of the PEAK mountaineering team. The book style was full of character and fun graphics.

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