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Expertise in annual report design ready for Parliament

Services delivered:

  • Print design
  • Annual reports
  • Marketing
  • Photography
Key Takeaway:

If photography is going to be a key part of your project, investing in a bespoke photo shoot as opposed to using stock image photos has numerous benefits. The main one being a more cost-effective option if you need anything more than a handful of pictures. In a day’s photo shoot, with good planning and models readily available, you can end up with a library of 300-400 pictures. That may be the cost of 2/3 high quality online pictures. The second benefit is the ability to create and tailor the images to match your exact needs. You can convey so much more by being in control of every detail.

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They needed…
A design partner that could deliver accuracy and attention to detail, as the report has to be presented and approved by Parliament. We have worked for Ofcom since 2011, completing their annual report each year amongst other marketing projects. The brief each year is to create a design that promotes the work and priorities of Ofcom for the past 12 months. But in the last seven years, the Ofcom brand has evolved and this also had to be reflected in the design. The content is a mixture of paragraph copy, pull-out detail and complex data with charts and tables.

We delivered…
Working closely with Ofcom we created a range of concepts exploring different ways of presenting their information. We looked at the best style to help convey a large amount of text in an easily digestible way. This included creating infographics and using a clean and crisp typographic style. Ofcom uses this as their main marketing tool throughout the year, so creating something both informative and engaging has been an important consideration throughout this project. We also manage and art direct photo shoots which enable us to add diversity, technology relevance and believability to the final design.

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