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Streamlined brand guidelines, fit for purpose

Services delivered:

  • Branding
  • Brand guidelines
  • Visual brand strategy
Key Takeaway:

Rebranding is a big task so very often a guide book gets 'tweaked' and added to, and by doing so loses the ability to control the brand marketing effectively. If you are sensing this it may be time to refresh the existing guidelines and make them fit for purpose again. That doesn't have to mean a full rebrand, just a re-thought strategy to ensure the guidance works for your brand today. Assess the current elements and you may be surprised that something as simple as brand colours and typography is OK, but some adjustments transforms their use and impact. Think of this as spring cleaning your brand guidelines.

Ofcom Brand Guidelines Spectrum

They needed...

To revamp their brand guidelines, and make them fit for purpose today. The current brand book had evolved and had small updates and changes made to it over time. Some areas had been manipulated to cover a specific need at the time, such as internal branding, but this all just added to the overall issue, the brand guidelines had become awkward and no longer controlled the Ofcom brand across multiple channels. It was time for a major refresh but without changing the core brand identity. No problem.

We delivered...

A streamlined set of brand guidelines with some visual strategy to create impact both online and offline. We started by reviewing the existing brand book and working with the marketing and communications team to really understand what the brand needed today, and cover the future plans of the organisation. Although core elements, colours and typography can often be under valued, but for Ofcom we knew these were major elements that gave the brand instant recognition. So we refined them keeping all the best qualities. One big area was to develop a visual brand strategy which created guidance and ideas to give a piece of marketing a clear ‘Ofcom’ style.

They had an existing graphic called the ‘spectrum bar’ but without guidance for use had become an underused part of the brand. We developed clear rational for using the spectrum bar which has given this simple device new impact. With a wide range of marketing produced we added some other graphic options with was born out of the iconic ‘O’ of the Ofcom name. This brought an extra dimension with lots of flexibility for all different uses. The new guidelines are streamlined while giving the brand a new look and feel worthy of the regulator for the communications services that the public use and rely on each day.

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