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Refining brand values and making them visual

Services delivered:

  • Internal comms
  • Values marketing
Key Takeaway:

Making your values graphical and iconic can help communicate them to staff in an international company, or where some of the staff speak English as a second language. Values can be quite sophisticated and layered in meaning. They should definitely be personal to that company so it is important to have a clear explanation of them. That is a critical part of achieving staff engagement. The subtle meanings and how they resonate with an individual can get lost in translation, whereas graphics can work across languages and cultures.

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They needed...
Clarity and refinement for their company values. The senior leadership team at SGT had been developing their brand values. They needed some help to visualise and promote them to staff and polish the final words and phrases to ensure they were understood, especially by a large contingent who had English as a second language. While the values had been carefully considered, some were quite abstract, and the overall ideas needed to flow to tell one story.

We created...
An easy to follow visual brand story. We started by reading through the research and values presentation created so far, and then began to group some of the words into themes. This made everything easier to digest, and from this we developed three main pillars that could sit above the more detailed values below. We then designed icons and graphics that could connect together to visually portray the main pillars and tell graphic stories. We tested the effectiveness with staff and evolved some of the designs further, before producing a final master graphic, sub-graphics for each pillar and posters that could be used throughout the company providing more detailed explanations.

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