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Tapestry Charity

Roll out a new brand in record time

Services delivered:

  • Branding
  • Brand guidelines
  • Visual brand strategy
  • Brand World research
  • Websites & Digital
  • Website design
  • Website build
Key Takeaway:

Anyone facing a rebranding process hopes everything goes smoothly, and with careful planning there is lots of time to complete the project calmly and slowly. The reality is that in today’s ultra-fast paced world that is unlikely to happen. The key to rebranding or launching a new brand is to make sure you get the brand fundamentals down early; design and create essential branding needed for the launch, and then evolve and gradually roll out a complete new look over the coming weeks and months. With the brand fundamentals correct, you escape rushing based on a fear to launch everything immediately. This way, mistakes are avoided that would be hard to change later.

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They needed…
A strategy. When Age Concern Havering approached us with a new logo they had created, they were looking for advice on how to deliver it. The new Tapestry logo needed developing into a brand that could work on marketing materials, signage and even vehicle livery. They also urgently needed a website to become a central point for all communications. So the brief was challenging: help launch a new name; rebrand a shop and build a supporting website… all in less than three months.

We delivered…
A visual hierarchy for the brand. First we looked at all the literature produced by Age Concern Havering, ran an audit and introduced a more structured approach. We also tackled posters and portable displays using vibrant, people-focussed imagery to bring them to life. Next up was tackling their charity shop on the high street, which was starting to look a little tired. Smart new signage both internally and externally has helped completely rejuvenate the store. We even branded up their fleet of mini buses and a football kit. The rebrand was successfully launched on time, giving the charity a real boost. It has put Tapestry on the map and helped them become known for a wider range of services.

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