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Folder, inserts and brochure for the automotive sector

Services delivered:

  • Print design
  • Brochures
  • Folder & inserts
Key Takeaway:

Within a big publication, or something with complex information, using infographics and design to illustrate the text can make the document so much more engaging. If it is your job to read a 200 page plain text report on insurance trends, tough gig. But somebody has to. However for most other reports or brochures that promote expertise or knowledge, splitting text up with graphics is so much more interesting, and some facts are actually clearer when shown in a graphic form. Bear in mind there is a difference between a full infographic that has minimal text, and a graphic illustration used to make something look interesting.

Ukti Automotive Infographic

They needed…
A toolkit for the Automotive Investment Organisation (AIO), part of UKTI, to market the UK over the coming months and increase worldwide perceptions about the UK’s skills in the automotive industry. Second to that was a need to promote the actual AIO team as a first point of call to potential investors. The toolkit had to include different elements including sections of flowing copy, graphs and tables of facts and figures and images to highlight expertise. And it all had to be produced in a way that could be used as a whole, but also shared digitally in small bite-sized chunks.

We delivered…
An R&D overview brochure and a folder with inserts that gave more in-depth detail about the sub- sectors. Once the project started, the brief evolved to also include digital assets such as standalone infographics, PowerPoint files and an interactive PDF. Everything had to be designed in GREAT branding and follow the very infographic style that had been created for a previous AIO brochure. This became one of the biggest challenges: finding interesting ways to graphically show the information that was both visually engaging but also had real, positive meaning. The original brief only mentioned producing the pack in English, but as the project evolved we were asked to also create versions in Chinese. The toolkit has proved very popular at numerous events and the wide range of digital assets supplied in different mediums has been really useful to the sales team around the world enabling them to create tailored presentations.

Ukti Automotive Brochure Spreads
Ukti Automotive Folder
Ukti Automotive Inserts Infographics
Ukti Automotive Brochure Powerpoint
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