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Waltham Forest Council

Whips Cross Hospital campaign to engage with the local community

Services delivered:

  • Marketing
  • Campaign language
  • Campaign design
  • Advertising
Key Takeaway:

Most marketing projects are about engaging with an audience, persuading or influencing them to take an action. You will start with your aims as you see them from your perspective, but the key to an effective marketing campaign is to try and match that to the pain points of your target audience, their concerns and frustrations. Delve deeper in to what are they thinking. This may vary across the community. It doesn’t always have to be negative; you can also tap in to their likes and hobbies, see how they react to other campaigns. The key is to get the clearest audience picture (persona) you can and then you will know how to persuade and influence.

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They needed…
A powerful way to generate support for a hospital redevelopment. Waltham Forest Council had already been working on some campaign designs but nothing was hitting the right message. They needed a marketing campaign that would gain support for a sensitive subject, and one they knew the community would support but with lots of reservations. However the key to being successful in the bid to build this new medical centre would be demonstrating large community support. They needed a campaign concept that could work in print and online.

We created…
A marketing campaign that resonated with the local community. The concept stage was key to this project and we looked at lots of different creative options, that our client then tested with trusted campaign supporters and staff. It was a fluid process and we combined ideas, evolved concepts before eventually designing the ‘Pledge, Support and Love’ campaign language and graphic elements. The campaign was launched with traditional posters and leaflets, but we also added social media graphics including twibbons, give-aways such as water bottles and wrist bands, and graphics for selfies and group photo opportunities.

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