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Waltham Forest Council

Winning the first ever London Borough of Culture competition

Services delivered:

  • Print design
  • Marketing
  • Campaign design
  • Advertising
Key Takeaway:

Sometimes the timing of your campaign may mean you need to create a temporary identity to get the ball rolling and enable you to deliver some marketing at the early stages, but a more long term identity and brand will come later. This can be a big challenge, but a type marque is a great way to do this. It focuses on the name of the campaign and still offers consistency across marketing and channels, but can be replaced later with a full logo and graphic approach. Campaigns often evolve, meaning designing with growth and flexibility is important so you do not get trapped into a specific style.

Wf Culture Pack

They needed…
To be ready with an identity and marketing material that could change depending on the outcome of the first ever London Borough of Culture competition. Acumen Design was approached with just a few days to go to the winner’s announcement and Waltham Forest Council (WFC) had to be ready with marketing that thanked the community for its support in the bid, and hopefully celebrating winning. There was always a long term plan to run a competition within the local community to actually design a logo for their Year of Culture, so our branding would be used as part of the pitch and immediate marketing.

We delivered…
The excitement exploded as Waltham Forest was announced as the first ever London Borough of Culture. We then worked with the team at WFC, creating large banners that hung outside the town hall plus social media graphics, badges, adverts and leaflets. Within just a few weeks we started to produce a pack that would show all the exciting opportunities winning would deliver. We also adapted the pack to be used as a PowerPoint presentation, and have created templates so more inserts can be added quickly and easily while keeping a consistent look and feel.

Since this initial project the competition to design the permanent logo has finished, and most recently we updated the original pack with the new identity and started to use that to build a brand style.

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