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Unique marketing brochure for the high-end leisure market

Services delivered:

  • Print design
  • Brochures
Key Takeaway:

Digital printing can now achieve the same quality as litho printing, but with cost-effective short runs meaning any brand can have professional marketing to create impact. We have a strong background in print, remembering a time when a company brochure was the main marketing tool (which shows the age of some of us, but also our experience). There are also new finishing techniques that can make a publication different, or just exude quality. The process we used for this brochure is called ‘layflat’ which, as the name suggests, does not show staples and gives spreads with full bleed images a luxury feel.

Zerofat Open Brochure P6

They needed…
Two brochures, one for the consumer to understand the benefits of their new exercise machine, and one to sell the machine B2B to hotels, spa facilities and gyms. Zerofat is a unique exercise and weight loss experience, and they needed a high quality brand to break in to this competitive world. They had already worked with a London agency on web development which was a frustrating process, so they needed help, advice and guidance. More than just a brochure design.

We delivered…
Bespoke marketing brochures that sold the quality and benefits of the Zerofat experience. The B2C brochure was finished with rivets to create a bespoke, personalised, high quality feel. The larger B2B brochure was finished using a ‘layflat’ technique that gave it a prestigious feel. We art-worked photos supplied and sourced new images where required. Subtle graphics were developed for pull-out detail and each spread was constructed to showcase the lifestyle and benefits that using the equipment brings.

Zerofat Screw Binding
Zerofat Layflat Binding
Zerofat Flat Spread P5
Zerofat Open Brochure P8
Zerofat Flat Spread P4
Zerofat Icons P7
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