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Waltham Forest

Delivering high profile campaigns that engage with the community

What we did:
  • Branding,
  • Print design,
  • Display & Events,
  • Marketing

Waltham Forest Council is located in North East London, and up until recently was famed for producing many cultural and creative talents and as one of the host boroughs of the London Olympics in 2012. Like many boroughs it has social and economic challenges, so any marketing and communications from the Council must to be sensitive to that, as well as the diversity across the community.

Acumen Design was first approached to help Waltham Forest Council by two managers who had transferred from Havering Council. Dominic and Joanne were frustrated by the creative within a very important campaign around the redevelopment of Whipps Cross Hospital. They turned to us based on the success of projects we completed together at Havering, asking for something different that would connect with the local community. As the project grew we then started to work with other staff from Waltham Forest Council, and the campaign became a great success.

Whipps Cross Bus Advert 3M

This reputation for being able to deliver high profile campaigns led to two other projects: helping to improve the Council’s HR advertising, and some of the marketing for the first ever London Borough of Culture Awards from the Mayor of London. Jumping to the end, Waltham Forest successfully won the London Borough of Culture for 2019 which was an amazing achievement and will transform the borough.

With the campaign already in full flow, Acumen Design stepped in to help with lots of last minute marketing requirements so that the borough would be ready to announce their success to the world should they win. They were successful and we helped deliver that marketing to start the local community engagement. We have recently helped deliver the second phase of the campaign.

Waltham Forest Whipps Culture Campaigns
Wf Culture Pack New

Their HR marketing and templates needed an overhaul, especially for use in social media campaigns. We helped with totally new creative and content strategy, built templates and offered training to their in-house staff, enabling them to produce their own high-impact adverts in the future.

We love working on projects for Waltham Forest Council as the briefs are challenging but they are receptive to ideas and approaches designed to make sure their marketing is not ‘typical council style’. They turn to Acumen Design for high profile campaigns as we have built a strong understanding of their local and cultural needs, which is reflected in the success of our projects.

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Waltham Forest Hr Twitter Adverts