30 tips, insights and inspiration for your next brand or marketing project

Let’s be honest we all need a bit of inspiration in the challenging dynamic world of marketing, branding and design, Yes? Great news then, we may have something that can help.

‘Thirty’ – A FREE Brand and marketing insights book

So why have we created this book and, more importantly, what can you gain from taking time out of your busy day to read and absorb it?

The initial inspiration was a celebration of 30 years as a designer. In that time, my teams and I have discovered great ways to help clients grow, connect, promote, market and inform. So sharing 30 case studies seemed a great idea.

But then I thought, why not go a step further? How about if we share our insight; key learning points from those case studies that will make your next project all the more successful. We certainly have the knowledge, gained across many industries: public, private and the third sector. But the crucial point is that in all of this, the brand is the overriding element; the glue that holds the marketing and communications together. Which is precisely why we make branding the backbone of our approach in all that we do.

The pages of our book are decorated with some of the images from our case studies, which will hopefully prove a further great source of inspiration for you, but for another day. Here we purely focus on the insight; the nuggets you can take away and use in your own business or organisation.

‘Thirty’ focuses on the following 6 areas and answers many of the challenges highlighted here:


Your company brand is the glue that holds your marketing and customer connections together. Your logo and identity are important, but so is a strong visual style, plus content with powerful, useful values and an engaging tone of voice. Brand guidelines will make your life easier, bringing consistency, brand loyalty and better relationships with your clients or customers.

If you are just launching and about to change the world, getting a unique logo or identity that is a true reflection of your product or service now will ensure your brand is remembered and stands out.

So, you are thinking it’s time to rebrand? Because you have grown and need to reflect this? Your current brand is dated and holding you back? Or your competition is outshining you and winning more business? Rebranding does not have to be painful. With the right guidance you should enjoy the process and rediscover the pride you once had in marketing your amazing company.

We have some Quick Tips to help you create a branding powerhouse.

Print Design

Do you need to communicate, market or promote something but feel frustrated that your digital channels aren’t working? You are not alone. Receiving a printed piece can be an effective and refreshing difference to the digital bombardment we all face.

You may face some audiences that do not respond well to online communications for anything other than essential day-to-day information. Perhaps their emails are filtered by gatekeepers first, such as executive and director level targets. With the right planning and a creative mindset, combining print with online can deliver the best of both worlds for your marketing.

So whether you need a newsletter or company magazine to connect and engage with your clients, or direct marketing to build a relationship, or even annual reporting to showcase your last twelve months of hard work, printing can offer the tangible solution that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Our Quick Tips can help you take a fresh look at the printed medium.

Digital Design

Many clients that contact us are frustrated by their current website, but the important detail is, why? It may be the information on there is not clear and punchy. They may feel it does not bring in enough enquiries.

Was the website carefully planned as an effective tool within the wider digital and marketing strategies? If that sounds like a frightening challenge, don’t worry. With the right easy-to-use tools that can guide you, you will become inspired by the possibilities.

We speak to many clients who feel their website no longer reflects their business as they have grown. Or they find it hard to update so the content is not current. You need to take the shackles off your digital presence and let the world know why your brand is amazing, using the web and other digital services.

Read some Quick Tips that can make you a digital magician.

Display Design

Event graphics, exhibitions and display spaces give your company the chance to deliver a complete brand experience. Opportunities can be last minute, and adapting your other marketing with short punchy messages works. For a planned series of shows or events this gives the opportunity to match your brand qualities with the needs and expectations of your visitors.

Many of our clients only have print and digital marketing unless they exhibit regularly. Having the experience to translate that and think large scale is crucial. If your marketing team deals with the project then great; but if you’re a business owner and don’t know where to start, it’s good to focus on creating maximum impact but with the flexibility to re-use in the future.

Your display environment can bring many challenges. When space is tight, balancing clear messages without being overpowering is key. If you exhibit several times a year, a modular system may be more adaptable to each space and layout whilst still delivering maximum creativity.

Need some Quick Tips to stand out from the crowd?


Marketing is about connecting with your audience, through different channels and often with a progressive message. So how much do you really know about them? Do you have a clear picture of their problems, worries or concerns? How can you match your offer to their needs? Try to think less about what you feel comfortable shouting about and more about what your audience wants to hear.

Great marketing requires creativity of course, but also understanding, so you are constantly persuading and influencing your audience. It is about the visual impact and the message, and they both need to be an honest reflection of your brand, otherwise the savvy public will see through anything that sounds too good to be true.

Consistency across a campaign builds trust. Does your message match the personality of your brand? It needs to. Stock images can work, but are they real and believable? Otherwise that trust will start to evaporate. With so many channels to use, are you using the right medium to show the audience you truly understand their world?

Marketing today is more challenging than ever. Some Quick Tips may help.

Internal Comms

Ultimately you want to increase staff engagement; that’s totally understandable. That may happen by creating a buzz around an incentive campaign that has been given a new look. Your brand values may appeal to staff more if they are brought to life with graphics and are more memorable. But with any staff communications, professional design can show the company cares, and understands the needs of its staff.

One challenge may be how you create messaging aimed at different employee types, or connect with staff in different places, some office based, others out in the field. Exploring different channels and touchpoints is crucial. Another issue is how staff can become dismissive easily, “Just another message from management.” But trying something different can get staff to take a second look.

With something like internal values, not only does engagement increase with graphics, it is easier to embed them within staff inductions or even become a tool within recruitment marketing. Overall, many brands prioritise their external marketing for obvious reasons, but having an engaged workforce can be as vital for business growth as sourcing a new client.

Don’t be overwhelmed

As a Marketing Manager or Business Owner you have a lot to worry about and some big challenges to ensure your company or organization continues to grow, to compete with the competition, to connect and build great customer relationships. Hopefully one, some, or all of these marketing channels we focus on can give you the insight through Quick Tips that will ease the pressure and transform your marketing efforts.

Finally if we have missed some key challenges you are facing, send me a message and I would be glad to discuss that with you, and perhaps use that as a basis for our next insight post. Or we offer a FREE 1 hour consultation with myself, with no obligation just the opportunity to tap in to 30 years of experience. Just visit our website at where you can even book online, then and there. How easy is that?