Defining the world your brand lives in

We work with organisations from across the spectrum, from micro to international, public and private. Every company has a brand, not just large household names that we see on TV. Very often SMEs understand they have a ‘logo’ and a website but do not consider themselves as a brand. They should and they are. From the moment you engage with your first client or customer you are a brand. In fact that is how we define brand - your engagement with the outside world.

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A brand is so much more than a graphic marque or logo

It is your soul, your DNA, your values and personality, it is how you answer the phone, the tone of an email. It is at the heart of every customer touch point. Of course it includes your marketing and website, your business card. And now it is also includes your online profile, and your social media profile.

If you start to see brand differently, and realise every company around you has a brand, (some good, some bad and some plain ugly), it is easy to realise that your brand is relative and should not be thought of in isolation. Your brand is also in competition. Not just with the company you always tender against, but with companies from all different sectors that target and influence your clients and audience. That may be in their business lives but it could also be in their personal lives.

Every organisation operates within a Brand World

When Acumen Design build or refresh a brand we use a process called Brand World. This is a visual snapshot of all those brands that are bombarding your customer, client or audience with messages and advertising on a daily basis. Another way of describing this is your brand landscape. If you wanted to try and build a Brand World yourself the internet has made this much easier. Just take screen grabs from websites and examples of other brands’ marketing and then collect them all together. Of course it helps that we have a clear understanding of the process and our creative minds can often look wider afield.

The Brand World process creates the research to evaluate your brand in relative terms. A Brand World image can highlight many things. For example you may want stand out from the crowd or ensure you fit in with the crowd. But how will you know how to do this if you don’t know what the crowd looks like?

We will also complete a SWOT analysis if appropriate. Within your company’s Brand World the strengths of other brands are often related to the threats to your new brand; and the weaknesses of other brands are often related to the opportunities your brand can exploit.

It can also be very enlightening. Because we look outside of your own sector, and research other sectors that may have the kind of customer relationship you aspire to; you can bring fresh thinking and an innovative approach your sector has not even thought of. This links to developing clear brand values and personality so you can look for similar customer relationships in other sectors.

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