The weakest link: Is your website underperforming?

A professionally designed website is essential in this digital age. It needs to differentiate your brand in an already busy marketplace to help you stand out from your competitors. It needs to help you attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back.

So here’s some top tips on how to make your website work harder for you...


Sounds obvious but your website must be easy to navigate, and enjoyable for people to get around otherwise they will just click away, possibly to a competitor. Think about who is going to be using your site. What’s the one thing they want to know straight away? Is it how to find you? That widgets are now back in stock? Or maybe that you are running a special promotion this month? Consider what is most relevant to your busy, time challenged, target audience.

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Make sure your site looks professional. Take an objective look at it. Better still ask a customer or friend to do so and give you an honest opinion.

  • Is it easy to read?
  • Are the fonts, text sizes and colours used in a consistent way?
  • Do all the links work properly
  • Are you using poor quality photography with images that are squeezed or stretched out of proportion?
  • Are the graphics relevant to your site’s content?

First impressions matter just as much on the web as anywhere else. The first impression of your site should be one of professionalism and appropriateness for the market you serve. It should also reflect your brand and its values.


Read (we mean really read, not just glance over) the content of your site. Could it be better? Would somebody who knows absolutely nothing about you come away with a clear sense of what you are all about, having spent a minute on your homepage? And a minute may be all the time you will get.

Don’t worry we know words can be tricky, we also know people who can help so don’t be afraid to ask. Half an hour on the phone with one of our copywriters could save you hours of head scratching.

Be Responsive

With the ever increasing domination of smartphones and digital tablets, you can’t assume everyone is looking at your all singing, all dancing website on their desktop computers. So your website needs to respond to the different sizes and shapes your visitors are using to browse. This is such a priority, Google will penalise your site if it is not responsive especially to mobile, and doesn’t genuinely offer a great mobile experience. Google take this to the extreme as your main traffic may not be from mobile, but either way your visitors do require flexibility. Perhaps they started on your desktop version at work and wanted to re check something at home later while sitting on their sofa with their mobile in hand.

Keep up to date

Your website needs to look current. It’s no good spending time designing and developing it, then leaving it to become stale and static. Design style changes just like fashion, so make sure you move with the times. Remember this can include photographs. Nothing ages a site more than an old fashioned photograph. You may want to look a little younger, but clients would rather know who you are now. It helps to build trust.

Content also needs to be kept current. Changing images, adding news and events or new case studies are all good ways of keeping it active. Having a blog is another way. It can be a great way to reach your target audience, allowing you to share your thoughts and opinions on relevant topics. You can use surveys, giveaways and competitions to encourage customers to visit again. The more relevant the content on your website, the more search engines are likely to rank you higher than your competitors.

Make it really easy to get in touch

Is it easy to find your contact details wherever you are on your site? Are you giving potential customers different ways to get hold of you? Postal, telephone, email, contact form, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Remember your website is a virtual shop window, so don’t let potential customers walk on by.

We hope these tips help you take a candid look at your current site and if you’d like a second opinion on it you know where we are.

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