Your company brand is the glue that holds your marketing and customer connections together. Your logo and identity are important, but of course you already know your brand is much more than that. You are right to want a strong visual style, plus content with powerful, useful values and an engaging tone of voice. And yes, investing in brand guidelines will make your life easier, bringing consistency, brand loyalty and better relationships with your clients or customers. Working with a brand design agency will help you achieve all this.

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If you are just launching and about to change the world, getting a unique logo or identity that is a true reflection of your product or service now will ensure your brand is remembered and stands out. You may need sub-branding for a growing division or new section, but you’re right to want to align that perfectly with your main group structure and identity.

As an experienced branding agency we understand.

So, you are thinking it’s time to rebrand? Because you have grown and need to reflect this? Your current brand is dated and holding you back? Or your competition is outshining you and winning more business? Rebranding does not have to be painful. We will guide and advise you, so you actually love the process and rediscover the pride you once had in marketing your amazing company.

Logo design

If you are looking for a new logo or corporate identity, we will create a unique design that is hand-crafted to fit your brand personality perfectly. And we’ll make sure it works across all mediums, sizes and colour combinations.


If your company has evolved and it is time to shout that from the rooftops, we can rebrand your image by evolving your current identity and logo, or create something new, fresh and bold to get you noticed.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are essential to ensure all your marketing in print and online are created with both creativity and consistency. Clear guidance can also save time and money ensuring your marketing engages and connects.

Visual brand strategy

A visual brand strategy enables a modern business to deliver engaging content across many customer touchpoints. A brand needs lots of visual content for online and offline but that still needs to be visually consistent.

Brand World research

Many clients are so busy running their organisation they don’t have time to see how their brand compares to the competition today. That’s where our Brand World research process gives the insight you need.

Brand Positioning

We are bombarded with marketing every day, but by working together we can create brand positioning that conveys your USP in a memorable statement. Because your clients are so busy, you need to connect with them instantly.

Brand architecture

We love the challenge of breaking down a company structure and planning brand architecture that offers both clarity and individuality, so each arm of your business can grow as part of a stronger group.

Brand values

Feared by many for the wrong reasons, clearly defined brand values can be your brand’s best friend. We take the mystique out of the process and make the challenge an enjoyable and inspirational discovery.

Tone of voice

Most brands communicate across many channels, so defining your tone of voice will deliver content that is both aligned with your personality and consistent, for strong, long term customer relationships.

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