The chance to let your brand shine brightly

Event graphics, exhibitions and display spaces give your company the chance to deliver a complete brand experience. Opportunities can be last minute, and adapting your other marketing with short punchy messages works. For a planned series of shows or events this gives the opportunity to match your brand qualities with the needs and expectations of your visitors.

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Many of our clients only have print and digital marketing unless they exhibit regularly. Having the experience to translate that and think large scale is crucial. If your marketing team deals with the project then great; but if you’re a business owner and don’t know where to start, it’s good to focus on creating maximum impact but with the flexibility to re-use in the future.

Your display environment can bring many challenges. When space is tight, balancing clear messages without being overpowering is key. If you exhibit several times a year, a modular system may be more adaptable to each space and layout whilst still delivering maximum creativity.

Exhibition stand design

Your exhibition design is as much a reflection of your brand as your website, social media or printed marketing. We see the bigger picture so you can concentrate on hospitality.

Event graphics

For your event to be as successful as possible, the space needs to come alive and connect with the audience by promoting your brand with engaging messaging.

Large format design

From hoarding graphics to large advertising spaces, these need special consideration to make best use of the size and ensure the message has impact at scale.

Exhibition planning

“Phew, the booking is done. Oh no! Now the headache of planning.” If this is how you feel, don’t. We can plan the stand and take care of all the show organiser’s requirements.

Portable display design

Do you visit events where you need something quick to put up, but that still delivers brand impact? We will show you the most cost effective and practical portable displays to create that wow factor.

Modular stand design

Sitting between portable and bespoke, modular stand design can give you everything: repeatable, quick installation, but with the impact of a hand-crafted solution.

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