Exhibition stand design

What is the main focus of exhibition stand design? Yes we need to be clever with the structure, but equally important is to look on-brand and consistent with your brand personality. Think about why your clients use you day-to-day then showcase this to new prospects on your exhibition stand.

Robert Gerrard Exhibition Stand

If your service or product is best sold visually make sure the stand has lots of big imagery to reflect this. If you need to explain your offer to clarify the benefits you may need more words, but keep them short and punchy and perhaps use infographics to explain the best key points. In the same way great website development is more than the latest functions and plug ins, great exhibition stand is more than sourcing the latest equipment or structure. It is about creating the best space and experience to reflect your brand’s best qualities. We make sure your solution has both style and substance.

Linking to this is how the actual experience of the stand needs to reflect the character and reputation of the company. For example if you a warm, friendly, family run firm the stand experience needs to also be welcoming, the chance to relax and chat to staff, not over powering with gadgets and technology and a corporate feel. On the flip side if your service or product is at the cutting edge of innovation there is no point in having a simple stand structure with lots of text panels for people to ‘hopefully’ read. If your brand is about innovation your stand has to feel innovative.

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Ced Exhibition Builditlive Tile Display
Ced Exhibition Surfacedesign Tile Display
Ced Exhibition Builditlive Display Cupboard

There are lots of design options for creating exhibition stands so we work with you to analyse your needs and advise on the best solutions. There are many factors to look at; Your options depend on your budget, if already booked, size and type of exhibition space ordered, and how regularly, or not, your company plans on exhibiting. Then with a clear idea of your needs we can look at solutions.

One of the first big decisions is whether your booking is space only or a shell scheme. With a space only booking you have more creative licence, and probably a physically higher space to work within. But the challenge of space only has the clue in the title, you are given nothing in the booking so you have to design, plan and create everything. Depending on budget we can look at fully bespoke design from a range of materials, to modular systems that can have the same impact but still has a reusable structure, through to portable displays that can be as simple as pop up graphics for speed of installation, or portable products that still look like continuous graphics and even create enclosures and display AV equipment.

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Your choice about space only or shell scheme does not have to just be based on your budget or type of installation. For example some exhibition stand designers would frown upon using pop stands in a space only booking, and see this as a waste. However if you want a very open feeling to your stand, with maximum access and ease for visitors to walk on, perhaps with limited display space but more pods and interactive elements, space only gives that. Space only doesn’t have a ceiling grid reducing the height, or vertical support struts in corners and junctions. But pop up stands that are enclosed with graphics so the structure is hidden can still make a space only stand look amazing. So space only is a choice based on the right experience not just about the equipment you plan on using.

Of course a space only option does enable the build of more complex modular and bespoke build options, but as exhibition stand designers we focus on the experience we are trying to create, matching that to your brand, and have a flexible mind set about the best solution.

Exhibition stand design services

  • Research & Planning
  • Booking management
  • Creative design
  • Production management

Exhibition stand design options

  • Modular systems
  • Shell scheme graphics
  • Portable displays

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