Internal comms

Ultimately you want to increase staff engagement; that’s totally understandable. That may happen by creating a buzz around an incentive campaign that has been given a new look. Your brand values may appeal to staff more if they are brought to life with graphics and are more memorable. But with any internal communications, professional design can show the company cares, and understands the needs of its staff.

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One challenge may be how you create messaging aimed at different employee types, or connect with staff in different places, some office based, others out in the field. Exploring different channels and touchpoints is crucial. Another issue is how staff can become dismissive easily, “Just another message from management.” But trying something different with internal comms can get staff to take a second look.

With something like internal values, not only does engagement increase with graphics, it is easier to embed them within staff inductions or even become a tool within recruitment marketing. Overall, many brands prioritise their external marketing for obvious reasons, but having an engaged workforce can be as vital for business growth as sourcing a new client.

Incentive campaigns

It can be challenging to keep staff motivated, and each company has different approaches. But like any campaign, understanding the mindset of your audience and delivering believable messages is paramount.

Staff communication

In most situations staff want to know that their employer values them, understands them, and supports them. Whatever message needs to be relayed, these three factors must underpin the communications.

Values marketing

A company should be more productive and deliver a better service or product if the values (company wide or internal) are understood by staff and embraced in their daily tasks. So how you embed them is key.

As a design and brand agency that specialises in helping clients with their internal comms challenges we have to ask lots of questions and probe for hidden answers. Understanding the mindset of staff which is unique to each company is critical, and very often your colleagues feel more comfortable sharing their concerns, ideas for improvement and challenges with an external agency. We know the questions to ask.

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