Brochure Design

From helping with planning content for your Brochure through to print management we make the process of designing a company brochure streamlined. A download online, or printed and hand delivered, your Brochure makes a strong statement for your brand, and delivers the right message at the right time.

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We are a brochure design agency so of course we would love to help with designing your next company brochure. But that is only part of our brochure design service. We are also print management experts with over 25 years experience (yes that means we can remember a time before Apple took over our lives). This benefits our clients across Essex and London as they only need one supplier for the project. Our print knowledge ensures the brochure design is effective in print if that is the best medium.

So we have reminisced a little (where is my drawing board and markers) but of course the world moves on. Your brochure may only ever live in a digital world. No problem, we can create your brochure for maximum online experience, with interactive PDF versions, even covering accessibility if needed.

This complete brochure design service and expertise gives you peace of mind knowing you don’t have to understand the difference between litho and digital printing, show through on paper, binding technicalities or how hyper-links work in PDFs. You can relax and let us take you through the brochure design process.

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Our brochure design process

Below is an overview of our design process but for more detailed help and inspiration click here to read our insight – How to create a company brochure.

Planning the pages – It is not just as easy as writing content about how great you are. Like a website, with pages that needs to be planned, so does your brochure.

Create content – With a plan of content you can now focus on writing sections and chapters that tell a story and covers all the essential details required.

Source images – Photography, illustration and graphics will ensure your content comes to life and the cover image can make sure it gets picked up in the first place.

Develop a concept – We always create multiple cover and inside page concepts before we jump in to the full design. This ensures you the client feel involved and part of the design process; nobody understands what your brand needs better than you.

Concept development – A concept stage is exactly that, not a finished design but a chance to evaluate and consider options. We are so experienced very often the client approves an option straight away, but there is always the opportunity to combine some styles and elements or develop a concept further. Get the concept right and the brochure will be amazing.

First full design – With an approved concept, your content and imagery ready, now the fun begins (or at least it does if your are brochure design geeks like us). This stage brings everything together and is often the most exciting for the client as the overall impression takes shape.

Changes and Corrections – This could be a whole page on it’s own, but we work with our clients to minimalise changes for both timing and cost reasons, but we are also realistic and want your feedback and will work hard to ensure you and your team love the final print ready design.

Print management – We will have been discussing print options throughout the design process but we now manage the printing process through our own print suppliers or yours, ensuring what you have signed off on screen looks the same, if not better, in the printed sheet. And where needed this may include printed proofs.

Delivery – Not to be overlooked, we make sure after all that hard work in designing the perfect brochure it is delivered on time, where required, and looking amazing.

Brochure design tailored to your needs

While many of our clients are within Essex or London we have designed brochures for clients across the UK and even as far away as Malaysia (click here to see brochure design delivered in Malaysia). Wherever our client is based we work with them to make sure the final brochure design works for their needs, be that a printed solution working with a local printer or a digital brochure that can be accessed online. Some clients see brochure design as a lower priority than web development, or that their website means they don't need a brochure anymore. But a brochure can connect with your clients in a different way, and support your website. It can be more focused as your website has to reflect your entire business, but a brochure expertly planned and designed can really focus on a key service or product range. And don't presume every client you have will automatically interact with you online. Think of the impact handing a brochure over at an event has, or leaving behind a bespoke brochure after you have finished your tender pitch to an important new propsect.

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